The Brown – Stigler Incident. War and Humanity.

The Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident occurred on 20 December 1943, when, after a successful bomb run on Bremen, 2nd Lt. Charles “Charlie” Brown’s B-17F Flying Fortress Ye Olde Pub of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) was severely damaged by German fighters. Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler had the opportunity to shoot down the crippled bomber but did not do so, and instead escorted it over and past German-occupied territory so as to protect it. After an extensive search by Brown, the two pilots met each other 50 years later and developed a friendship that lasted until Stigler’s death in March 2008. Brown died only a few months later, in November of the same year.[1][2]
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Forgiveness. Who Are We To Judge?

Photo: Jesus and the woman taken in adultery.

I was talking with a friend recently and they asked my opinion whether I believed there would be anything beneficial gained from doing an anger management counselling course… because they are going through life angry.
Taking this course was to be an act of ‘self-help’ because they wanted to overcome their anger and ‘find peace’.
Having done an anger management course myself many years ago I said that I benefitted from it, and that she probably would too.
It was then that she confided in me what was the chief source of her anger… a shocking, callous act of double betrayal… Infidelity.
I believe this took place along while ago, yet she has been carrying this stone in her heart for a long time.
She’s had enough and is now looking for a way to unburden herself from the deep anger and hurt: explaining to me that talking with her son he said to her “…I hope you find peace Mum…”
She replied… “I’ll never forget this… I’ll never forgive it, and when I die I won’t be at peace…”
The way she expressed this… that she would carry this grievance to her grave caused me to stop in my tracks (mentally speaking) for she was talking about *very heavy* moral realities.
I could see the pain she was still feeling… and burden of carrying this conviction of having been grievously wronged.

Now after hearing the sordid story, and seeing my friend does not like what her bitterness is doing to her life… I shared with her my Christian perspective hoping that might provide a pathway whereby she might find peace.
This conversation is the reason I have written this Blogpost.

It is the Christian perspective on Forgiveness.

Before I lay out the central principles, let me state that what happened was wrong, and she is justified in feeling hurt and betrayed. Trust was broken, and so it is easy to see why on these facts some might say she would be fully justified in taking her anger to her grave… yet what does this anger achieve?
It does nothing to solve the hurt… in fact carrying this perpetually only adds pain and misery upon herself.

Carrying anger and unforgiveness is a form of self-torture!

The issue is… can any valid reasons be found to forgive the wrong she has suffered?
Is there any way my friend can put down this heavy weight and enjoy the future free from anger and hurt…and at the appointed time… go to her rest with peace in her heart?

I began to share my Christian perspective on forgiveness…

Forgiveness is a fundamental tenet of Christianity as it lies at the heart of Our relationship to God.

The Bible tells us We are sinful and fallen beings in jeopardy of God’s judgement for our evils.

“There is none righteous, no not one.”
Romans 3vs10
“For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God”
Romans 3vs23

This is one of the primary facts we must admit *about ourselves* if we are to any hope of ending our separation from God… *We ourselves* are sinful, imperfect and have committed evils against God, and our fellow man.

Never be so self deluded into assuming our own sins we’ve committed against others as being ‘Far less wicked’ than any sins we have suffered from others.
Satan laughing spreads his wings!

How then… given this is true about ourselves… how can we possible stand in self-righteous Judgement of others?

We can’t.

Jesus said ‘that by the same measures we use to Judge and condemn others… God shall use to judge us our selves!
So that by coldly judging others… in fact we condemn ourselves for we are guilty of the same kind of things… ie we are not perfect… we have committed evils we ought to answer for… even if they are not identical to evils we have personally suffered at the hands of others.
We have done despicable things and hurt others too.
Realising our own imperfection, and our own guilt…. from this we discover *our own need for God’s forgiveness*… and the forgiveness of others we have wronged.

We must never forget that we ourselves actually deserve to face Divine judgement. We have all stolen things that don’t belong to us… We have all told lies and deceived others… we (adults) have all committed various types of sexual immorality, for many of us that includes Adultery… yet in spite of all this Evil on our own part, The incredible message of the Bible is that God has loves us and want’s to forgive us all!
We can escape the just judgement of the Almighty… Why? How? Because God is not merely a Righteous Judge. He is also a Loving Father… and full of Mercy and grace!

The Christian Gospel tells us that… “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son [Jesus] that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life…”
John 3vs16
The Apostle Paul say’s “God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us…”
Romans 5vs8

Christ paid the penalty for our sins on the cross, so justice has been served in Gods eyes… as far as our sins are concerned. He settled our debt to God. He’s already satisfied God’s justice!
Jesus was sinnless… yet he died for My sins… he died for your sins… he died for everyone’s sins whosoever will look to his cross in faith.
When Christ rose from the dead, this testified to his victory over sin and death.

So believing this good news, I now have faith that when I die I shall not face judgement for my many evils. They have been paid in full by Jesus. and my loving heavenly Father [God] did all this so he could forgiven me!

” For by grace are ye saved, through faith. and that not of yourselves [our own faithfulness and righteousness] *it is the gift of Gift of God*.
Not of works lest any man should boast…”
Ephesians 2vs8,9.

“Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved…”
Romans 10vs13

So many people do not understand who the Lord God of the Bible is! They think he is a nasty Cold vicious Judging God, when in truth he is Love and full of grace!

Don’t let Satan deceive you about the true nature of the God of the Bible.

Receive God’s gift of grace and have assurance of God’s forgiveness for our wicked deeds. Believe the gospel and you shall be forgiven.

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us…”
Titus 3vs5

And having received to forgiveness of God… by pure grace… how then can we remain unforgiving of others whom have wronged us?

Remember what Christ said to his disciples when he taught them to pray…

“Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory,
forever and ever.
For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
Matthew 6vs9- 14

Now it is important to know that under our gospel given to us via our Apostle Paul that our salvation is a free gift and not dependent upon us ‘forgiving others’ as Jesus taught his Jewish disciples, for we Christians live today in a different part of God’s plan, and are under a different gospel to the one Jesus offered to Israel… yet reading Jesus words we can still clearly appreciate the hypocrisy that is involved when believers who hope for the forgiveness of God for our trespasses yet we ourselves are not prepared to forgive others whom have trespassed against us!

Who pretends to have lived a sinless life?
Who among us have not learned terrible lesions the hard way?
Who has not in the past done things which today they deep regret and had they opportunity to turn back time… they would not repeat those grave errors?
Who among us have not repented in our hearts for our wicked deeds?
Who among us could stand were we to be held to account for every great evil we ourselves have committed?
Who among us does not need forgiveness and a second chance to be better people?

Knowing the grace and mercy of God toward us ought to fill us with wonder thanksgiving, and humility.

To anyone who wrongs us we ought to say “We are fortunate that Jesus has paid for all the evils you and I have committed, and has provided a way for us to be forgiven by God… therefore for his sake and the great mercy he has shown me, I likewise forgive you for I cannot remain hard of heart in the face of God’s grace and mercy towards myself.
Trust in the Lord and the Salvation of his Cross, and you too can be forgiven by God for your sins.

Thus it is knowing the richness of God’s grace towards ourselves, we ought to be able to find the High Path… the better way to live… to chose to be like our Good and loving and wise Heavenly Father… Like Jesus Christ himself.
Become a vessel of Grace!
This is the will of God.

Now I hope in considering these Christian truths than my friend will appreciate why she ought to unburden herself from harbouring unforgiveness… Jettison That cold hard stone in your heart!
Free yourself… rest in the peace of God Almighty.

I will finish with Christ’s most famous of sayings when the Pharisees brought before him a woman caught in adultery to test him saying the Law of Moses says she should be stoned to death!
But What sayest thou?

Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”
John 8.
King James Bible.

Amazing Grace!
How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found.
Was blind but now I see.

And let us never forget the chaos and hurt our evil deeds cause to God, and our fellow man…

Tim Wikirwihi
Christian Libertarian.

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Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo Confirms Lawfare Against Trump is Politically Motivated: Live on Bill Maher. Gateway Pundit.

‘Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on live television that the legal cases against Donald Trump were politically motivated.

Speaking to Bill Maher, Cuomo stated that the attorney general’s case against Trump in New York would have never been brought if Trump hadn’t been running for president…”

Read more… *and watch video* here Dems using Lawfare to subvert democracy

The Corruption of the Democrats (And Rinos like Liz Cheney) has reached monumental heights.
They have turned American Politics into a Cesspool.
They have made a mockery of the Justice System.
They think the American people are stupid!
They seriously thought they can get away with all of it… that their blatant abuses of power are either so cleverly framed (in Legal Due process) as to deceive the people, or that the public are as corrupt as they are… so will tolerate their Machiavellian antics for the sake of Keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. Ie They expect the majority of citizens to act as collaborators in their crimes.
They are partly right on both counts.
Many will tolerate blatant corruption and abuses of power for the sake of keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse. *Trump Derangement Syndrome* is rampant, yet this admission by Cuomo exposing The Dems ‘Lawfare’ (using the justice system to discredit political adversaries and subvert democracy) …simply states what most Americans already knew… *The charges against Trump were Bogus and a Political motivated travesty* and that is why after Trump was convicted for 34 Bogus Felonies the American People sent in a record level of donations in support of Donald Trump!

Millions of Americans are awake to the Wickedness of the Democratic Party!

This signals the Democrats evil schemes have backfired… and actually made a Trump victory more certain.

Now we hear the Dems howling that Donald Trump will reap vengeance upon them should he attain power… ie they are shit scared… imagining he will return to them in kind… as they have meted out to him.. for real!
Umm sounds like they know they have it coming!
Sounds like Justice to me!

“Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared concerns over the possibility Donald Trump would send her to jail should he retake the White House in November’s presidential election. ”
From here.
Of course she’s crazier than a Fruit Loop.

“He’s going to weaponize the Department of Justice…and use it to go after people like myself,” former Washington, D.C., police officer Michael Fanone told CBS News. Fanone testified at a 2021 public hearing of the committee and has been an outspoken Trump critic, accusing him of employing authoritarian rhetoric. ” from here

The sheer Hypocrisy of these shysters! They are the one’s (Dems) who have abused their powers! They are the ones who have ‘weaponised’ the justice system…
They should face *Real justice* for their Crimes (esp for their great Frauds around Jan 6 and their False ‘insurrection narrative)
They should be Jailed…
Yet We all know that will never happen… Ie Even if Trump gets back into office the likelihood of any of these corrupt politician ending up in court as being virtually nil.
Trump will instead busy himself taking care of Business… getting the country back on the road to greatness…. because that’s just how he rolls.

Cuomo himself should face criminal charges for his tyranny and corruption during the Covid 19 Scamdemic.
He certainly is not famous for his honesty! We know the only reason he’s prepared to spill the beans on his fellow Democrats is because he himself has been sidelined from the Party Politburo.
Otherwise his lips would remain sealed.

It is telling to me that even in my own country New Zealand I am surrounded by Zombified Morons whose cognitive dissonance prevents them from being able to objectively judge anything Trump does.
They automatically swallow Democrat lies the size of camels when it comes to completely dismissing Trumps many virtues proven in this last term in office.
You just need to listen to his speech he gave at the Libertarian party National Convention earlier this year!
He spent a full 35 minutes during which he spent much of that time speaking about his accomplishments while in office, and the rest speaking of his future plans.
For A Libertarian… it was a truly impressive
To list just a few..
Many of my fellow Kiwi friends… who should know better… don’t know that Trump is the only President in 72 years not to have started any new wars.

They either don’t know that Unemployment among Black and Hispanic Americans reached all time lows during his presidency or wrongly give credit to Obama demonstrating their economic illiteracy when it comes to Trumps regulatory reforms which began to restore Americas competitive advantages and inspire business confidence, etc.

They have no grasp of the numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans who have deserted the democrat plantation and are rallying under the Trump Banner…

Trump is a defender of the Constitution.. Of Free Speech… Of the 2nd amendment… of Keeping mentally ill men out of little girls toilets and changing rooms… ie protecting woman’s spaces… woman’s sports, etc etc.

Trump represents a Bulwark against Globalism… protecting Americans democratic rights to determine their own Laws and destiny.
He represents an end to Woke Madness… to Black lives Matter Riots and the unashamed maintenance and strengthening of America’s Protestant Christian Enlightenment Values and Ideals against such toxic Radical Left doctrines as ‘Critical race theory’ and Transgender Ideology.
He want’s to put a hand break on Climate change hysteria.

Ironically these are all reasons why they see Trump as the Devil!
These are the brain washed masses of useful Idiots whom have been conditioned into a state of Panic about impending Climate doom… taught to hate Freedom and capitalism… hate Christianity and don’t see that it has contributed anything of value to their own quality of life… and who now worship Socialist Globalist Totalitarianism!
They are fully prepared to be integrated into the Global electronic System… they have no grasp of the importance of personal privacy… or of having cash… They have resigned themselves and their children to the Great Beast Machine… as us ‘Resistance is futile’.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

It only remains to be seen if enough sane enlightened Liberty loving people around the globe are committed to thwarting this Careen into Global Socialist hell!
The Bible predicts this God-rejecting world will at some future point slip completely under Satan’s power for a short season.
This is where Christians like myself make our appeal unto Heaven!
We Pray we can stay off the Time of the Antichrist for a few more decades…. Not on our watch… Dear God!

If I was an American Citizen… I would be supporting and voting for Donald Trump.
He is a True American Patriot and Hero.
May God protect him from his evil enemies.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

The Great Pie Fight. ‘Fascinating’ on X

Story found on ‘Fascinating’ on X here.

Nathalie Wood after a pie fight while filming The Great Race, 1961

The pie fight scene in the royal bakery was filmed over five days in 1964. The first pastry thrown was part of a large cake decorated for the king’s coronation. Following this was the throwing of 4,000 pies, the most pies ever filmed in a pie fight. The scene lasts four minutes and twenty seconds and cost $200,000 to shoot; $18,000 just for the pastry.

Colorful cream pies with fillings such as raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and lemon were used. For continuity between days of shooting, the actors were photographed at the end of each day and then made up the following morning to have the same colorful appearance, the same smears of pie crust and filling.

Edwards told the cast that a pie fight by itself is not funny, so to make it funny they would build tension by having the hero, dressed all in white, fail to get hit with any pies. He said, “The audience will start yearning for him to get it”. Finally, the hero was to take a pie in the face at “just the right moment”.

Shooting was halted while the actors took the weekend off. Over the weekend, the pie residue spoiled all over the scenery. When the actors returned Monday morning, the set reeked so badly that the building required a thorough cleaning and large fans to blow out the sour air. The missing pie residue was carefully recreated with more pies, and shooting resumed.

At first, the actors had fun with the pie fight assignment, but eventually the process grew wearisome and dangerous. Wood choked briefly on pie filling which hit her open mouth. Lemmon reported that he got knocked out a few times; he said, “a pie hitting you in the face feels like a ton of cement”. At the end of shooting, when Edwards called “cut!”, he was barraged with several hundred pies that members of the cast had hidden, waiting for the moment.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi. A Treaty with many bogus translations and interpretations. One New Zealand Foundation.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi. A Treaty with many bogus translations and interpretations.

New Zealand’s so called Founding Document, the Treaty of Waitangi would be the worst drafted treaty in the world. After 184 years and hundreds of attempts to translate it, there is still no true translation or interpretation of this document. The latest translation being displayed in our National Museum, Te Papa by a distinguished Maori scholar, Professor Sir Hugh Kawharu admits it is only, “An attempt at reconstruction of the literal translation of the Maori text”, because the Treaty of Waitangi is impossible to translate back into English as many of the words are made up words by Rev Henry Williams when he translated Lt. Governor Hobson’s final draft of the Treaty into the Maori language. But there are hundreds of other bogus translations out there being used to mislead the public on the Treaty of Waitangi’s true meaning to benefit part-Maori only. See: 1987 Court of Appeal, (C.A 54/87), page 663.

Before 1820, the tangata Maori, while constantly at war with each other over territories and disputes, were on an even scale as their only weapons were handheld combat weapons. This all changed after Hongi Hika, Ngāpuhi, who had been helping Professor Samual Lees with his English to Maori Dictionary, returned from England in 1820 with over 500 muskets, and went on a rampage south with 2000 of his followers, killing or taking slaves, thousands of their unarmed countrymen, women, and children for the fun of it and the feasts that followed. Therefore, it was not Colonization that destroy the tangata Māori’s way of life, it was Hongi Hika, Ngāpuhi and his 2000 followers and 500 muskets.

It was not long before the southern tribes had gained enough muskets to travel north for utu/revenge against Ngāpuhi. This caused Ngāpuhi to write to the King of England in 1831 asking him to be their guardian and protector. This was the start of Britain’s intervention in New Zealand by sending a British Resident, Jame Busby in 1833 to bring peace between the people of New Zealand.

Over half the Maori population of an estimated 100,000 people were taken as slaves, slaughtered, and/or eaten during the Musket Wars between 1820 and 1840.

In 1835 British Resident, James Busby had tried to get the chiefs to sign his Declaration of Independence to recognise Maori sovereignty over New Zealand but could only entice 52 chiefs to sign it. The chiefs were to assemble annually to promote peace, justice, and trade, but the ever-present intertribal tension and fighting took precedence over political co-operation as always, and it was abandoned without one meeting taking place. It was obvious the chiefs could never form a united working Government. “No political body existed capable of claiming sovereignty over New Zealand”.

New Zealand was placed under the dependency of New South Wales in 1939 by Royal Charter/Letters Patent issued under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”. This could not have happened if the tangata Maori had sovereignty over New Zealand.

In 1838, the Undersecretary for Colonies, Sir James Stephens, a very strong supporter of the Clapham Sect; a group who campaigned for abolishing slavery and protecting indigenous people from colonial exploitation had drafted the initial instructions for a treaty with the “natives” of New Zealand. This document was amended by the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Lord Normanby.

Unfortunately, Lord Normanby had no idea whether Maori had sovereignty over New Zealand or not when he added this to Stephen’s draft, “We acknowledge New Zealand as a sovereign and independent state, so far at least as it is possible to make such an acknowledgement in favour of a 1
people composed of numerous dispersed and petty tribes, who possess few political relations to each other, and are incompetent to act, or even to deliberate in concert”. This statement by Lord Normanby completely contradicts himself, showing he had no idea of whether the current inhabitants of New Zealand had sovereignty over New Zealand or not in 1840! The evidence shows, they did not!

This was endorsed by Chief Justice, Sir James Prendergast in 1877 when he ruled at the trial between Wi Parata v The Bishop of Wellington, “So far indeed as that instrument (The Treaty of Waitangi) purported to ceded sovereignty, it must be regarded as a ‘simple nullity’. No political body existed capable of making cession of sovereignty”. Busby had tried, but had failed.

Captain William Hobson, who was made Lt. Governor of New Zealand in July 1839, was given a copy of Lord Normanby’s draft for a treaty with the “native” chiefs of New Zealand before he left England for New Zealand in August 1839. Lt. Governor Hobson was instructed to have the chiefs of the current inhabitants of New Zealand sign the Treaty of Waitangi, asking them give up their “sovereignty” to Queen Victoria and in return they would become British Subjects with the same rights as the people of England. While “sovereignty” was stated in Lord Normanby instructions, this was incorrect as there was no political body capable of claiming sovereignty over New Zealand in 1840.

When Lt Governor Hobson arrived New Zealand on the 29 January 1840, he went about drafting a treaty from Lord Normanby’s instructions but became ill and passed his unfinished treaty draft to British Resident James Busby to continue its draft.

Busby drafted a treaty basing it on his Declaration of Independence that the Maori chiefs had sovereignty over New Zealand. Lt Governor Hobson had recovered and simplified Busby’s draft but left the word “sovereignty” in Article 1 of his final draft before it was given to Rev Henry Williams and his son Edward to translate into the Maori language on the night of 4 February 1840.

Rev Henry Williams made changes to Hobson’s final draft (the Littlewood document), including using many made up words as no words were available in the Maori language, but also to clarify who Hobson was referring to in various parts of the Treaty. There were six main changes Rev Henry William made.

1. Rev Wiliams had been involved in drafting the Declaration of Independence and knew it had been a complete failure as Busby could only entice 52 chiefs to sign it before it was abandoned. He also knew, “That no political body existed capable of making cession of sovereignty”, therefore, changed “sovereignty” to “kawanatanga/government”.

2. Williams changed “people of New Zealand” to “chiefs and tribes of New Zealand” in the Preamble and to “tangata Maori” in article 3. He left “all the people of New Zealand” in article 2 as Hobson was referring to “all the people of New Zealand” in article 2.

3. As Rev Henery Williams had been in New Zealand since 1823, he knew the “natives” Lord Normanby had referred to in his instructions were not the “tangata whenua” or original inhabitants as other races of people had inhabited New Zealand before these people, therefore, referred to these current inhabitants as “tangata Maori”.

4. The word “taonga” translated as “property” in 1840, but Kawharu translates it as, “all their treasures” in his back translation of the Treaty. Taonga has also had many other bogus translations over the years.

5. Rev William’s made up the word “kawanatanga” for “government” in article 1 and in article 2, “tino rangatiratanga/guaranteed possession of their lands and settlements etc”. referring to “all the people of New Zealand” and not just Maori as we are led to believe today.

6. “Tangata Maori” was the word Williams used to refer to the current inhabitants of New Zealand that Lt. Governor Hobson was authorised to deal with.

On the morning of 5 February 1840, Lt. Governor Hobson, British Resident, James Busby and Rev Henry Williams spent over an hour behind locked doors checking Rev Henry William’s translation of the Tiriti o Waitangi against Lt. Governor Hobson’s, “final draft”. When they were all completely satisfied the translation was as close as possible to Lord Normanby’s instructions, they were read to the gathering of chiefs, their people and the settlers who had gathered at Waitangi, about 2000 people in total. Once both documents were read, they were discussed by the chiefs and Lt. Governor Hobson for the rest of the day. Lt. Governor Hobson then said he would meet again on 7 February 1840 for those chiefs who wanted to sign the Tiriti o Waitangi. Many chiefs met at the Te Tii Marae that night and discussed the Treaty between themselves and Rev Williams well into the night. Re Henry William’s stating, “We gave them but one version, explaining clause by clause, showing they would be taken under the fostering care of the British Crown, by which act they would become one people with the British, in suppression of wars, and every lawless act, under one sovereignty and one law, human and divine”. Most came to the decision; it was in their best interest to sign the Treaty of Waitangi as soon as possible.

Rev Henry William’s original translation of the Tiriti o Waitangi was given to the Rev Richard Taylor on the night of 5 February to transcribe onto dog skin, but this original translation has never been found. Rev Richard Taylor stating, “I kept the original copy for my efforts”.

Unfortunately, we will never know the amendments or changes that were made to Rev Henry Wiliam’s original translation at the meeting between Hobson, Busby, and Williams before it was read to the gathering at Waitangi on 5 February 1840, but we do know, that the Tiriti o Waitangi signed by over 500 tangata Maori chiefs had been fully agreed to by all three men, Hobson, Busby and Williams.

Instead of waiting until 7 February 1840, the chief summoned Lt. Governor Hobson on the morning of 6 February 1840 as they wanted to sign the Treaty of Waitangi immediately and could not wait until 7 February 1840. While Lt. Governor Hobson was surprised, he turned up to sign the Tiriti o Waitangi, now on dog skin, in his casual clothes but wearing his “official hat”, and the signing by the chiefs began.

Without further discussion or rereading of the Tiriti o Waitangi, 49 chiefs signed it at Waitangi on 6 February 1840. As each chief signed, Lt Governor Hobson shook their hand and repeated the Tiriti’s one and only principle, “He iwi tahi Tatou – We are now one people”, to which the whole gathering gave 3 hearty cheers.

Once the Treaty had been signed at Waitangi, Lt. Governor Hobson became ill again and these were the instructions he gave to those gathering further signatures, “The treaty which forms the base of all my proceedings was signed at Waitangi on the 6 February 1840, by 52 chiefs, 26 of whom were of the federation, and formed a majority of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. This instrument I consider to be de facto the treaty, and all signatures that are subsequently obtained are merely testimonials of adherence to the terms of that original document”.

All signatures that were subsequently obtained were merely testimonials of adherence to the terms of the original document that was signed on 6 February 1840! Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

While there was an English language version signed by 39 chiefs at Waikato, this document was only signed after an official CMS printed version of the Tiriti o Waitangi, one of 200 had been read and discussed, then signed by 5 chiefs before it could hold no more signatures and an “unofficial” English version written by Lt Governor Hobson’s Secretary, James Freeman, was produced to hold the overflow of signatures. These 2 copies were attached together and signed by Lt. Governor Hobson as one document. Records show there were 44 signatures gathered at Waikato, 5 on the official CMS printed Tiriti o Waitangi and 39 on the ‘unofficial” English Treaty of Waitangi. With regard to Lt. Governor Hobson’s signature on this document, he was extremely ill and would not have known what he was signing. In fact, it has been stated, it may not have even been his signature.

If the tangata Maori had sovereignty over New Zealand in 1840, Lt. Governor Hobson would have signed the Tiriti o Waitangi with their Head of State, but “No political body existed capable of making cession of sovereignty”, so it was signed by over 500 individual chiefs.

Once the Treaty was signed, it was filed away as it had achieved its purpose; the tangata Maori had given up their governments to Queen Victoria and in return, had become British Subjects with the same rights as the people of England.

No more, no less, no Partnership, and definitely, no Co-governance!

The question we must now ask, “How did New Zealand become a British Colony under one flag and one law, irrespective of race colour or creed”? It definitely was not the Tiriti o Waitangi as it made no mention of New Zealand becoming a British Colony!

Colonization did not destroy the tangata Māori’s way of life, it was Hongi Hika, Ngāpuhi who destroyed it when he returned from England in 1820 with over 500 muskets and went on the rampage south with 2000 of his followers, killing or taking s slaves thousands of their unarmed countrymen, women, and children for the fun of it and the feasts that followed.

Queen Victoria saved the tangata Maori race from total extinction by the Treaty of Waitangi allowing them to become British Subjects with the same rights and protection as the people of England.

Once the Tiriti o Waitangi had achieved its purpose and had been filed away, Queen Victoria issued a Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated 16 November 1840 under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This document made New Zealand into a British Colony with a Governor and Constitution that set up New Zealand’s political, legal and justice systems under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour, or creed.

This is New Zealand’s true Founding Document and first Constitution.

For the next 40 or so years, the Colonial Government stopped the intertribal fighting, returned most of the land the chiefs had sold pre-treaty and quelled the rebel tribes with the help of the tribes who wanted peace between the tribes and the government. While land was confiscated at this time as payment to bring peace between the tribes, this was explained by Sir Apirana Ngata in his book, The Treaty of Waitangi – An Explanation, “Some have said that these confiscations were wrong and they contravened the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi, but the chief’s placed in the hands of the Queen of England the sovereignty and authority to make laws. Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority and war arose and blood was spilt. The law came into operation and land was taken in payment. This in itself is Maori custom -revenge- plunder to avenge a wrong. It was their chiefs who ceded that right to the Queen. The confiscations cannot, therefore, be objected to in the light of the Treaty”.
One of the largest meetings since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi was held by the Government at Kohimarama in 1860 where over 200 chiefs unanimously agreed to, “‘Let this meeting be joined to the Treaty of Waitangi.’ Thus, the proposal was incorporated in a major resolution passed unanimously at the nal session: “That this Conference takes cognizance of the fact that the several Chiefs, members thereof, are pledged to each other to do nothing inconsistent with their declared recognition of the Queen’s sovereignty, and of the union of the two races.” – MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS OF THE KOHIMARAMA CONFERENCE OF NATIVE CHIEFS, AJHR (1860).

Between 1930 – 40 there were many alleged claims for the confiscated land that in some cases had been taken unfairly by the government. These alleged claims were heard by the Courts under the laws of New Zealand and while land was returned to those tribes who had land taken unfairly as “full and final” settlements, other bogus claims were rejected through lack of evidence. The Treaty of Waitangi played no part in these claims, they were held solely by the Courts under the laws of New Zealand.

In 1975, the Labour Government in its infinite wisdom decided to enact the Treaty of Waitangi Act, which created the Waitangi Tribunal to hear alleged claims by Maori only against the Crown that occurred “after” this Act was enacted, Only Maori could lay a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal. These claims used an unauthorised English version of the Treaty of Waitangi that gave special rights and privilege to Maori only. The Tiriti o Waitangi signed on 6 February 1840 and signed by over 500 tangata Maori chiefs, gave equal rights to all the people of New Zealand, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

While few alleged claims were lodged against the Crown for breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi “after” 1975, the Labour Government in 1986 allowed alleged claims dating back to 1840. This opened the flood gates to hundreds of alleged claims but were restricted by Queen Victoria’s 1840 Royal Charter/Letters Patent and Lt. Governor Hobson’s one Principle of the Treaty of Waitangi, “He iwi tahi tatou – We are now one people”.

In 1986, Attorney General, Geoffrey Palmer introduced his bogus “Five Principles for Crown Action on the Treaty of Waitangi”. These Principles completely overruled Lt. Governor Hobson’s one Principle of, “He iwi tahi tatou – We are now one people”, as they gave part- Maori a Partnership with the Crown never intended by those who signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. Not only did the “Five Principles” make part -Maori partners with the Crown, it also allowed the Waitangi Tribunal to interpret the Treaty of Waitangi using Hon Geoffry Palmer’s bogus “Five Principles”.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – A Document with many bogus translations and interpretations.

The 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act and Attorney General, Hon Geoffrey Palmers “Five Principles for Crown Action on the Treaty of Waitangi” was the most corrupt Act ever forced on the people of New Zealand by any government, as it gave part-Maori special rights not enjoyed by all the people of New Zealand or intended by those who signed the Treaty of Waitangi it in 1840.

While the Waitangi Tribunal was supposed to only make recommendations to Government, Government seldom opposes these recommendations that has allowed millions of hectares of land, public assets, and taxpayer’s money to be given to part-Maori based on hundreds of alleged claims, Palmer’s “Five Treaty of Waitangi Principles” and hundreds of bogus Treaty of Waitangi translations and interpretations.

In 2010 Prime Minister, Hon John Key allowed the Minister of Maori Affairs to travel to New York to sign the “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People”, without a mandate from the people of New Zealand, forensic evidence, or a government definition of, “The Indigenous People of New Zealand”. Forensic evidence proves, there were other races of people living in New Zealand before the tangata Maori arrived in the 14 th century. This was endorsed by Professor Ranginui Walker when Head of Maori Studies at the Auckland University on page 18 of the 1986 New Zealand Yearbook, stating, “When the canoe people arrived in the 14 th century, there were already tangata whenua, original inhabitants living in New Zealand”. Forensic evidence also proves, the tangata Maori were not the tangata whenua or the first people to inhabit New Zealand.

The Maori Party, formed by a dozen or so radical part-Maori elite and are now demanding a Co-governance arrangement with the Crown, when over 500 of their tangata Maori ancestors agreed in the 1840 Tiriti o Waitangi to become British subjects with the same rights as the people of England.

No more, no less, no partnership and definitely, no Co-governance!

Sir Apirana Ngata gave this warning to his people in his book, The Treaty of Waitangi – An Explanation, “Let me issue a word of warning to those who are in the habit of bandying the name of the Treaty around to be very careful least it be made the means of incurring certain liabilities under the law which we do not know and which are being borne only by the Pakeha”.

It must also be remembered, since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840, the tangata Maori have intermarried with other races of their own free will, therefore, are no longer the people who signed the Treaty in 1840. They are now New Zealand citizens of mixed ancestry, the same as the majority of New Zealanders, except they can claim a minute trace of tanga Maori ancestry from ancestors who were not the tangata whenua and agreed to become British Subjects with the same rights as the people of England in 1840.

The Treaty of Waitangi only played a very small role in New Zealand becoming a British Colony but is being used today to mislead the people of New Zealand of their true legal rights given to them by Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated 16 November 1840. See: The Six documents that made New Zealand into a British Colony.

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When the truth is known, there is no other document in our history that comes anywhere to New Zealand’s true Founding Document and first Constitution than Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated 16 November 1840. It ratified the Tiriti o Waitangi and made New Zealand into a British Colony under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

No more, no less, no partnership and definitely, no Co-governance!

We must ask ourselves, how did our governments, our lawyers and our academics get it so wrong when it is all there in the New Zealand, Australian and American Archives, plus the British Parliamentary Papers. Have they got an ulterior motive or a hidden agenda? Whatever it is, it’s time they did a little more research using the institutions above!

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – A Treaty with many bogus translations and interpretations.
This document was researched and written by the One New Zealand Foundation Inc. from documents held in the New Zealand, Australian and American Archives, plus the British Parliamentary Papers. For Further information: or Email; 6

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